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We publish reviews and articles of businesses and services in specific towns and geographic areas. We follow a set of guidelines to help give readers an indication. We aim to be as impartial as possible and ensure we follow the criteria below. On the rare occasion we get it wrong – we’ll hold out hands up – but you need to let us know. For that type of thing you can contact us here.

We don’t accept payment for being listed on our site and all businesses listed have not paid. If you would like us to review your business, you can contact us here (please note that requesting a review does not guarantee that we will post a review of your business).

Products & servicesDo they provide the products and services that they say they do? Do they look trustworthy?
HistoryDoes the business have a sound history? Not necessarily about age, but it could be about culture and what they’ve achieved in their history so far.
GrowthHow has the business grown and what is their approach to growth?
Engaged audience?How engaged is the social media audience including the Google my business page.
Website qualityHow well designed is their website. Is it mobile friendly and designed for their ideal customers.
Content qualityWe review website content and social media content for accuracy, quality and engagement.
Reviews and feedbackWhat do people say publicly about the business and how legitimate are these reviews?